OEL’s Cold Weather Favorites!

Happy November, y’all! As we move into the colder months, I know how hard it can be to get your lovely selves outside. BUT: negative zero is no excuse, and some of the most memorable experience in the outdoors can happen when the temperature is in the single digits. However, the back country can be dangerous in the cold if you’re not prepared. I reached out to our OEL staff and got some reccomendations for the best cold weather gear. Here’s what we got;


Name: Rachel Johnson, Class of 2020

Favorite Cold Weather Gear: Hands down, her snow boarding jacket. “It has huge pockets, a liner that goes tight to your body so water or snow doesn’t get in and hangs low in the back so you can sit down and not be freezing. It’s super great. ” Rachel loves snowboarding, but she’s also been known to make a pretty great snow slushie.


Name: Megan Martzolff, Class of 2019, and John O’Brien, Class of 2018

Favorite Cold Weather Brand: Everyone loves Patagonia! Megan loves Patagonia because their gear keeps her super warm and protects against the elements. John is a fan of Patagonia’s utility, as well has their stunning designs. Catch Megan rocking part or all of her Patagonia 3 in 1 parka this winter while making a snowman on the quad, while John sleds over in the grove with his Patagonia down sweater hoodie!


Name: Matt Drescher, Class of 2020

Favorite Cold Weather Brand: The North Face. Matt says,  “It [The North Face] can be a bit pricy, but they hold up really well. I still have my jacket (albeit a few tears) that I bought like four years ago. I also love that jacket because it smells like campfires.” Join Matt for some full tackle football in the snow once we get a few inches (pre-ripped jacket not required).


Name: Payton Kirkpatrick, graduate student

Favorite Cold Weather Gear: “Smart Wool socks, because nobody likes cold feet,” especially in the snowball fights Payton likes to start on the front lawn!


Name: Emma King, Class of 2020

Favorite Cold Weather Brand: Avalanche. They’ve got the same (if not better) quality gear as the big brand for a fraction of the cost! Catch Emma sporting her Avalanche fleece-lined quarter zip on a snowy hike at Dale’s Ridge.


Name: Abbie Winter, Class of 2019

Favorite Cold Weather Gear: “Very specifically my red Life is Good baseball hat. This hat has seen hell and back as it comes with me on every journey. From 5 am crew practices on the Susquehanna to alpine hikes in Tasmania, this hat is tattered from adventures and held together by a bang-up sewing job I did while sitting on my freshman dorm floor. Stylish yet functional, this hat shields the sun, is a handy face-roof when its raining, and especially when it’s cold it keeps my head warm! My dad always says “your body is a furnace and your head is the chimney, wear a hat” which honestly doesn’t make much sense, but I don’t think about it too much and I think he’s right. Not really a very technical piece of cold weather equipment, but it wouldn’t be a good experience without it.” If you see a flash of red bobbing down the 7th Street hill this winter, it’s probably Abbie skiing back from class.

Well, there you have it, folks! The best gear to keep you nice and toasty this winter. Suit on up, we’ll see you out there!


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