Bucknell to Compete in National Outdoor Challenge!!!

Welcome Back, Outrageous Followers of Outdoor Ed! I hope you have had a lovely summer, full of many amazing adventures! This summer, OEL has been tres busy planning a super awesome event for any and all Bucknellians to participate in! *Drum roll, please!* This fall, Bucknell will be participating in the 2017 Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge (a.k.a. The ON Challenge), a nationwide competition for college campuses with the main goal of getting as many people outside as possible. If, after reading that last sentence, you’re already as excited as we, here’s the low-down on the deets:

WHO: Anyone and everyone! I’m talking students, faculty, staff, family of students (and faculty and staff), your next door neighbor, that kid from your high school bio class, even the Queen of England (I’m looking at you, Liz.)

WHAT: The ON Campus Challenge is four weeks of amazing outdoor activities. Participants can download the Challenge app on their phones (link below!) and log their hours of outdoor activity, so long as it’s longer than 30 consecutive minutes (pics or it didn’t happen!). For every activity logged, participants get a certain number of points, with bonus points available for group activities. At the end of each week, prizes are awarded to the highest point-holder on a campus and national level, and the school with the most points at the end of the challenge gets tons of free gear!

WHEN: Pre-registration is NOW OPEN!!! Participants can start logging their hours on September 18th, and the challenge will run through October 15th.

WHERE: Anywhere in the great outdoors!

WHY: Bucknell (along with 92 other campuses nationwide) is participating in this challenge for the sole purpose of getting as many people outside as possible. As an eclectic bunch of students, adventurers, tree-huggers, and nature-lovers, we know how beneficial and fun spending time in the outdoors can be, and our primary goal is to ensure that as many other people as possible get to have similar experiences. This challenge also has the added benefit of the opportunity to win some pretty great gear, both for yourself and for the university (FREE STUFF!), so if that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is.

HOW: Download the app here, and get outside!! Once you download the app, follow the instructions to create an account and link it to Bucknell. Then, make your friends and family do the same, and head to the hills (quite literally)!

The Challenge is sponsored by REI, The North Face, ENO, and HydroFlask, with each company sponsoring a different week. Whi9ch means, each week provides a fresh opportunity to win super great FREE GEAR (and to get outside, but, like, FREE STUFF!) In the spirit of the great outdoors (and of this Challenge), OEL has scheduled events for every week, to make it super easy to get outside with your friends. (Be on the lookout for a calendar coming soon to a blog near you!) We LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT for this Challenge to start, and for all the outdoor fun it will bring. For more info (or just to chat about the meaning of life), email getoutside@bucknell.edu, or send an owl to the CAP Center*. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, old lab partners, middle school crushes (okay maybe not), dog walkers, and literally everyone to register and support Bucknell!

We want you. Nature wants you. The free gear wants you. But mostly, you want nature:)



*note: please do not send owls to the CAP Center.


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